Arvada Lawn Care

Arvada Lawn Care


This is a blog post about lawn care companies in Arvada, Colorado. There are a great many lawn care companies in Arvada, because there are a lot of lawns here, as there are most everywhere.


I must admit that I don’t know much about lawn care in Arvada, but I recently made contact with a lawn care contractor in Arvada named Robert. He lives very close to me, just a five-minute walk up the street from me. by Arvada Lawn Care Services






He said his business is pretty good, but he’s always looking for more customers, he said, and so he wouldn’t mind if Quentin pointed the phones from our lawn care sites to him.


In addition to lawn care, apparently he does tree care too. Which means that we can point the phones from our tree care sites at him too.


I’ve only talked to Robert on the phone so far, but next Saturday we have an appointment to meet at Starbucks over on 53rd Ave. It will be good to meet with him in person, because the telephone is so impersonal it’s hard to make real contact through it.


If we can get this lawn care site really producing and bringing in money for Robert, then maybe Quentin and I can finally get our business going. We already have two, almost three, sites up for Tim the taxi man, but those sites aren’t paying much as yet. What we need to do is start getting about $200/month per site.


If we got that much from Tim, we could be making $400 a month from him. We could probably make double that much from Andy. And maybe about as much from Robert. And then perhaps our plumbing site will come online.


So the moral of the story is that we need to get to make a good deal with Robert and his Arvada lawn care site. We’ve just got to keep our eyes focused on the goal, keep our noses to the grindstone, and sooner or later we will start to win.